Our Story

Two years ago, the world stopped revolving for most of us when the Covid-19 pandemic hit globally. All businesses were forced to shut down and there was immobility to contain the virus and lessen the risk of transmission. When the economy and health sector slowly recovered, the business industry and tourism gradually followed

Today, almost all businesses are completely open; however, most MSMEs are still struggling to bounce back from losses and unfortunately some were not able to operate again due to bankruptcy.

SBN Philippines saw the need and the opportunity to help these business owners recover and rebuild.

Our Team

CEO / Founder

Clarry Herrera

Head of Operations

Carlos Pajigal

Community & Partnerships

Thaneca Supresencia

Community & Partnerships

Gianina Lim

Content Writer

Margs Pangilinan

Social Media Manager

Derek Rodrigo

Creatives Specialist

Joaquim Villegas

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