How to Create A Weekly Social Media Marketing Plan

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How to Create A Weekly Social Media Marketing Plan

Doing an online business, especially with social media usage, is easier said than done. Some put so much effort into their regular posting but had little returns.

Since the pandemic began, many businesses have decided to sell their goods and services online and have received more sales than the usual physical storefront set-up. At SBN Philippines, we believe that social media has become one of the leading platforms for MSME businesses to reach out to potential and returning customers. Inspired by some recommendations shared in the SBN Philippines Community, we have gathered some basics on creating a weekly social media marketing plan that would help you earn and expand your business in the future.

The Importance of A Social Media Marketing Campaign

A social media marketing campaign is important when it comes to a business because through the proper tone, branding, and approach, it would impact the interest and curiosity of potential customers. If your campaign is too good to resist, these curious social media visitors would highly become successful sales. This is surely what we are aiming for.

Here are some basic reasons why it’s so important to have a social media marketing campaign for your business:

  • It helps you find out the interested target market.
  • It lets online visitors know the basic details of your product and what makes yours stand out from the rest.
  • It allows highlighting customer feedback and telling them about your product.
  • It creates brand confidence and product credibility.
  • It’s a proper way to announce or release the latest updates on your product and upcoming promotions other than the traditional media like radio, print, and word of mouth.

Plot Out Your Week

The primary goals that we should meet when it comes to a business’s social media page are to grow following, reach, and hopefully, daily inquiries and sales. Before publishing anything on your page for the week, it’s time to plot them first. What should you post for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and for the rest of the week?

Below is an example:

  • Monday – A graphic featuring a motivational quote with a caption. The graphic contains something related to your quote with your business logo in the corner.
  • Tuesday – A graphic featuring a new product or your best seller. The graphic has a caption of the primary ingredients (if food) or quality materials (if product) being used on making the product.
  • Wednesday – You can showcase feedback from one of the customers (either a shared public post or making a graphic containing the screenshot of the review.
  • Thursday – Feature another variety of your product. This can also be your second best-seller or another product that lately didn’t have many sales in your inventory. It’s time to get it out there!
  • Friday – A “Happy Weekend” graphic post or a call-to-action post to try or purchase your product today.
  • Saturday- Share a related article featuring your product. It could be a press release from a media outlet or simply a blog or influencer feature.
  • Sunday – A Sunday quote or Call to Action post.

It is up to you how you will layout your social media plan. You can place these as simple notes on the calendar or place them in an app like Tello or Google Calendar. As long as it will help lay down your social media plan, then there is no problem.

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Variety is Important

While following a social media plan strictly is okay, it’s also good to vary your posts from time to time. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s best to change your posts every other week or month. If ever you require assistance in making this happen, you can ask for help from an experienced social media manager to help you sort this out.

Always Credit Photos and Information

Although we are free to share customers’ photos and reviews about our products, you must always remember always to credit the original author or uploader. I simple mention of their name or social media handle in the graphics or captions is already enough.

If this is a blog or news article, you should always credit the writer aside from the website where the article was published.

Get Advice from an MSME Community

The importance of a community that is dedicated to helping MSMEs is that you get advice and great recommendations from experts and even fellow entrepreneurs like yourself. SBN Philippines has a dedicated community to help and guide MSMEs to sell more of their products and make the community as an avenue to form collaborations, share ideas, and develop business partnerships for a better and brighter business ecosystem. Visit our growing community at SBN Philippines today!

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