The State of Filipino MSMEs During the Pandemic

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The State of Filipino MSMEs During the Pandemic

The past two years were difficult for those under the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). Due to the alarming rising cases of COVID-19, the local and national governments have no choice but to close or limit people’s movements from going outside their homes. This has caused many businesses to earn little to no sales every day. At the same time, some have done the ill fate of closing their businesses for good because of these.

Although we are already in the positive signs of the economy, let’s look back on Filipino MSMEs’ state during the pandemic.

Making Better Solutions to Earn

Despite the limitations imposed during this period, many MSMEs figured out ways to still connect with customers and deliver quality goods and services with implemented safety protocols. Social Media and different forms of online communication have definitely paved the way to bring in new and regular customers constantly. Although the volume of orders may not match the same as the physical store set-up, at least it still helps business owners and their staff at least earn to support their families.

Here are the following platforms that business owners used to continue making constant sales during the pandemic.

Social Media Platforms

The popular ones are Facebook pages and Instagram profiles. Business owners who are not tech-savvy had to go through the basics of rebranding or making a Facebook page and Instagram for their business to showcase their products and services to visitors. It’s important to note that your page or profile is like a physical storefront. You must have clear pictures of your product, complete details of what you are selling and offering, and provide contact details for people to reach out to you.

The use of online video platforms like YouTube and TikTok has also become an avenue for business owners to showcase their products

Joining Online Groups and Communities

Facebook and Viber groups are also the best ways to advertise your goods and services and announce discounts and promos. These communities are also one way to connect with possible suppliers or form partnerships with other businesses.

Shopping Services

Online shopping services like Shopee and Lazada have paved the way for business owners to sell their products nationwide. The platforms also make communication even easier through their built-in message feature and 24/7 customer services if ever there are some concerns with the product’s quality or shipment.

Shipment or Courier Services

Shipment and Courier services like LBC, J&T Express, and Gogo Express provide shipment and courier services to bring your products to your customers. Other services like Angkas and Lalamove also offer same-day services if ever the customer is located in the same city or region.

Getting Into Other Business Ventures

Some businesses struggle to make a sale since people prioritize essential products like food and beverages. Since there is already a need to earn, some business owners try to get into other ventures to keep sales going.

Based on observation, more and more people have tried to make food products or sell other home essentials since these mainly were in demand since people have been staying at home. Communication is never a problem since numerous options like online, text, and calls are available.

Finding Reliable Suppliers

Due to the limit of movements during the pandemic, finding reliable suppliers to send your needed materials on time to make your goods or work on your service has become a struggle. Since people mostly prefer delivering goods at their doorstep, the effort to find the proper packaging and shipping courier are also additional challenges.

This has made some MSMEs realize that you should always have a Plan B. If one supplier can not commit due to certain circumstances, at least you have another reliable supplier that you can contact to back up.

 Important Tip: It’s always a must to stock up on some materials and supplies rather than falling short on them. If ever a particular situation arises that it’s a struggle to get the things you need, at least you still have enough to keep sales going. Communication and proper coordination with your staff are always best when keeping track of supplies.

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Vincent Flores
Vincent Flores is a professional writer currently employed by Small Bussiness Network Philippines. He has received his education in writing in the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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